1993 G&L Climax Bass

An excellent example here of a Lakland 44-02 Skyline 4 string in the beautiful natural finish with a quilted top! These are excellent basses and are very versatile for live or studio use, fitted with Bartolini J M Pickups. These basses are used by the pros! This the bass is in fantastic condition throughout, it has not had much use at all. We have given the bass a full checkover and it all works perfectly as it should including the electronics and trussrod.

Here we have a rare bass from the early 90’s, this is a first year of production bass and only produced for three years! This bass in in good condition with just some small dings (photo’d) on the body. Nothing major whatsoever. This weighs in at 9:13lbs/4.4kg, serial number – B023700.

Below is some more information on the Climax bass –

Introduced in ’93, the Climax and LB-100 (initially called the Legacy until it was discovered the name infringed on a patent) were quite different from each other, just as their respective forebears were. The Climax, with its solitary pickup located near the bridge, bore a distinct resemblance to the Sting Ray bass Leo designed during a brief association with Music Man. The pickup on the Climax is an eight-pole MFD, and its 9-volt circuitry is controlled by two mini-toggle switches (Active/Passive and Preamp On/Off). Control knobs were found for Volume, Treble, and Bass.