2006 Warwick Corvette – Made in Germany –

What a great players bass! This Warwick Corvette plays and sounds as good as it looks. It has that expected Warwick growl that can cut through any mix! This is the passive version with Vol/Blend/Tone controls, this layout works great on this bass and gives you plenty of options to shape the tone as you wish while remaining simple to use on the go without thinking too hard! The bass has plenty of chips, dings and scratches in the finish from play wear and an extensive gigging life. Nothing which affects the working and playability of the instrument though. We have fully checked over the bass and everything works as it should including trussrod and electronics.

Serial Number – J-129218-06
Year – 2006
Colour – Trans Brown
Body Finish – Oiled
Body Wood  – Ash
Neck Finish – Oiled
Neck Wood – Ovangkol
Fretboard – Wenge
Frets – 24
Scale Length – 34’
Weight – 7.9lbs/3.4kgs
Electronics – Passive
Pickups – MEC J
Gigbag/Hardcase – N/A