2016 Ibanez SRFF800

The Ibanez SRFF800-BKS is a 4 string bass guitar with a Black Stained finish. Part of the Bass Workshop gear it is Multi Scale with Fanned Frets. It comes with a comfortable SR body design.

The Ibanez Bass Workshop deliver concept to reality. Although fanned frets are not a new concept this is the first time they have appeared on an Ibanez. The Ibanez SRFF800 has a variable scale length. 34.5 inches on the 5th string and 34 on the first. There are a number of reasons why this is a good idea.The main one though is the sound. The bottom strings sound massive and the treble side is clearer. The body of this 4 string bass has been crafted from ash. This sports a cool Black Stained finished. Bolted onto the body is a five piece Jatoba and Bubinga neck. This has a Rosewood Fretboard.

The Ibanez SRFF800-BKS in Black Stained comes with some top quality electronics. Two BH2 Bartolini pickups work in conjunction a 3 Band EQ. This has some excellent switching. It comes with an EQ bypass switch, passive tone control on the treble pot and a mid frequency switch. All the hardware is finished in Cosmo Black. This is a lot of bass guitar for a very reasonable price.
This bass has some scratches and marks at the bottom of the body, other than that it is in great overall condition.