2017 Ibanez SRH505F Fretless

Ibanez are extremely passionate about making high-quality instruments for everyone. From their budget Gio range all the way up to their high-end prestige models, everything that comes out of their factory is built to last and provides massive value to the user.

This SRH505F Bass is a unique instrument, with a hollow body design that delivers a rich and airy tone similar to a double bass. As a fretless bass, it delivers a smooth, fluid-like tone that is incredible for jazz.

Performance Based Design:

The SR505F has a slim body like most of the SR line, even with its hollow body design. It is lightweight and has an ergonomic contour where your arm rests, so that you can play for hours on end with no pain. Another contour near the neck joint provides amazing upper fret access, improving the playability and range of the instrument.

Its slim 5-piece neck is a joy to play, making fast scales or tough passages feel effortless. The entire point of this design is that it is non-restrictive, it does not get in the way of you being the best player you can possibly be.

You can also get around this instrument easily thanks to the narrow 16.5mm string spacing, which keeps the neck feeling slim despite being a 5 string bass.

Warm, Acoustic Sound:

The custom AeroSilk Piezo system within the bridge of this bass provides you with a warm acoustic sound that is very convincing and natural. It is tonally very similar to a double bass, so if you are a gigging musician playing in jazz bands, you can easily transport this bass around unlike huge double basses!