Clover Apeiron White

Here is a fantastic Clover Apeiron H Edition series with “The Hybrid” pickup system. The Apeiron H-Edition bass fully integrates the unique concept of the Delano. “The Hybrid” pickup system which is not to be compared with normal splitable humbucker designs. This one comes in at 9lbs10oz/4.5kgs.


Volume, Pickup Pan – Tone Controls: Bass, Treble & Passive Tone Control (The centre position at 12:00 is flat, rotating the control clockwise will boost and rotating the control counter clockwise will cut the tone) * A specially designed pot that works as a classic passive tone control in the single coil mode and as an active treble EQ in the parallel humbucking mode, working mode toggle switch. The toggle switch controls the Apeiron’s integrated “The Hybrid” mode management by switching the pickups internal wiring, activating or de-activating the EQs and changing the signal paths simultaneously to shift between the both classic sounds at one touch. When the toggle switch is in towards the neck position the passive single coil mode is activated (full bodied early 60 ́s single coil characteristics with true hardware-bypass and passive tone control). When the switch is in towards the bridge position the Apeiron works in the biting humbucking mode (low resistance parallel bridge pickup coils and two-band active electronics).