Status B2 w/Red Side LEDS

Here we have a stunning Status B2 bass. This one is in great overall condition with just some small dings to the body, nothing major. It is fitted with red side LEDS and comes with the original hardcase. It comes in at 10lbs4oz/5kgs. s/n – 9083388

What Status have to say –

The B-2 retains much of the design innovation seen in the original instrument designed by John Entwistle

The use of graphite composites and powerful active electronics are still at the heart of this bass.
The body shape may have been “tamed” slightly and the graphite neck bolts on to a gloss black alder body but the fundamentals are still well in evidence. The strikingly contoured body shape houses a custom made active circuit which allows a vast amount of
control over the tone of the bass.
Status Hyperactive pickups power a two band E.Q. with the addition of a variable midrange frequency sweep control
which continually boosts between 200Hz and 10KHz. The unique construction of this instrument and the sophisticated circuitry contained within it ensure that
the B-2 sounds as powerful as it looks. The B-2 has a 26 fret phenolic fingerboards with Roman numeral inlays.
Side mounted LED’s and gold hardware are a custom option. The B2 is supplied in a fully fitted aluminium flight-case.